Jack Fleming
Created by P.N. Elrod

JACK FLEMING, a former newspaper reporter, now working as assistant to private detective Charles Escott in 1930's Chicago, is the hero of a very popular series by P. N. Elrod. But what Jack really wants to be is a novelist. And oh yeah, he's a vampire.

Fortunately, he's a good guy vampire. He was originally killed, shot down in a hail of bullets, courtesy of the mob, in the first novel, but was rescued by a lovely female vampire. rounding out the ast are jack's long-suffering, and wvery understanding girlfriend, nightclub singer Bobbi Smythe.

There are eight books in the series so far, collectively called The Vampire Files. The first four are quite good, though the next three tend to get a bit bogged down in a story arc that Elrod takes far too long to resolve, and for a while just doesn't go much of anywhere. Fortunately, the latest, The Dark Sleep, is a real return to form, and possibly the best yet. Still, I'd recommend reading these books in order, lame books and all, as each builds on the other.

Author Patrica N. Elrod lives in Richardson, Texas, where she practises a vice so startling, so vile and so disgusting that it makes vampirism look okay-- she collects Barbie dolls!


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