Femme Noir

Created by Christopher Mills and Joe Staton

With a moniker like FEMME NOIR, you just know things weren't going to be taken entirely seriously in this web comic.

Who the hell is Femme Noir, you may ask? Well, here's how the official advance publicity from co-creator Chris Mills went:

Who is Femme Noir?

Is it Dahlia Blue, the scarlet-tressed songstress who holds court nightly at the trendy Club Selene? Or is it lovely Laurel Lye, ace crime reporter for the Port Nocturne Eclipse? Could it be the raven-haired mob princess Vanessa DeMilo, daughter of Port Nocturne's late crime kingpin, Don Gino DeMilo?

Who is Femme Noir?

She's a very private private eye working the mean streets and bloody alleys of a city where crime and corruption are the status quo and the nights seem to last forever. She takes on the cases that the cops can't or won't solve, and if the system fails -- which it does with an alarming regularity -- she exacts harsh, swift justice with a pair of pearl-handled automatics.

Who is Femme Noir?

Depending on which side of the law you're on, she can be a dream come true...
...or your worst nightmare."

(The strip) will be at least slightly tongue-in-cheek and will have some fantasy elements; in that regard the model is pretty much Will Eisner and The Spirit. The character herself though, is closer to Max Allan collins' Ms. Tree -- if she'd been played by Veronica Lake.

I hope also to do an actual Femme Noir comic book (at least a one-shot) as well as the webstrip. The webstrip will be a weekly color serial, most likely. The tentative title of the first serial is "Cold, Dead Fingers."

The strip actually will feature TWO private eyes: Femme Noir herself and Red "Rusty" Nales, a Hammer-esque eye who keeps crossing her path (or is that the other way around?). He probably won't show up until the second continuity though; it's a Maltese Falcon homage I'm tentatively calling "The Dingus." At this point, I intend for each continuity to run six months (or 24 episodes)."


  • The weekly, full color adventures of Femme Noir by Mills , the creator of private eyes Matthew Dain, Nightmark, et al, and comics legend Joe Staton, co-creator of classic comic book eye Mike Mauser, appeared right here on The Thrilling Detective Web Site in our Web Comics section. "The Dingus" eventuually became an eight-part Red "Rusty" Nales standalone story that appeared in Femforce #121, and was also serialized in these pages in Autumn of 2003.


    (2000-05, Supernatural Crime)
    URL: http://www.thrillingdetective.com/comics/femme.html
    Script, Colors and Letters by Christopher Mills
    Pencils and Inks by Joe Staton

  • "Cold, Dead Fingers" (March 1, 2001-April 19, 2002, Supernatural Crime)*
  • "An Eye for a Spy" (August 16, 2002-January 30 2004, Supernatural Crime) *
  • "Chambers of Horror" (February 13, 2004-July 29, 2005, Supernatural Crime)*
  • "Beast of the City" (in the works)

    * All these stories also appeared right here on The Thrilling Detective Web Site.


Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4The Graphic Novel

    (May 2008, Ape Entertainment)
    4-issue mini-series
    28 pages
    Script, Colors and Letters by Christopher Mills
    Pencils and Inks by Joe Staton
  • "Blonde Justice" (June 2008, #1)
  • "Dead Man's Hand" (July 2008, #2)
  • "Killer in Steel" (August 2008, #3)
  • "Concrete Jungle" (September 2008, #4)


    (May 2009, Ape Entertainment)

This spiffy trade paperback ollects all 4 issues of mini-series, plus two complete bonus stories, conceptual artwork, a fForeword by Max Allan Collins and an afterword by some cat called Smith.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Chris Mills for shooting his mouth off. We appreciate it!

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