Brad Dolan
Created by William Fuller

"The name's Dolan...I like to eat to live, drink to relax and sleep because I'm a sackhound. Somehow, though, something always seems to go wrong."

BRAD DOLAN is no stranger to violence. He finds it in the Caribbean, Cuba and in the Sunshine State of Florida. While sailing from port to port in his more than slightly sea worthy craft "the jessie" . He is the private dick/adventurer in several popular paperback mysteries back in the fifties by merchant seaman, hobo, movie bit player and ex infantryman William Fuller.

Dolan is a war vet, and he can't seem to keep out of trouble, even when he's not going out of his way looking for it. Okay, in Goat Island, he's on the trail of the men who "put a hole in his best friend, in Brad Dolan's Blond Cargo he's offered a thousand dollars to take a tawny haired blonde to Miami but promptly gets thrown off his own boat and in Brad Dolan's Miami Manhunt he's back in Miami with "some loose change and an urge for a short fling" when a stripper persuades him to pick up the trail of her cold dead husband's slightly hot legacy. She wants to cut him in for half in, a move right out of a Travis McGee novel. surprise, surprise, it's a slightly rigged con game and Dolan winds up having to escape from a deserted Caribbean island.




Respectfully submitted by David Pekasky, with some additional info by Kevin Burton Smith.

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