Dante Mancusco
Created by Domenic Stansberry

"It was the double trap, the two-way fix. Prices would go up, but there would be no jobs. There would be money, but not for you, not for me."
-- Dante cuts into
The Big Boom

How'd I miss this one?

Former SFPD homicide cop and deep-cover CIA agent, DANTE MANCUSO is the creation of Edgar winner Domenic Stansberry.

A troubled past isn't enough to keep Dante from returning to the bars and backstreets and rowhouses of San Francisco's largely Italian North Beach district where he grew up and going to work for a local detective agency. Not that Dante's a big fan of the big boom that's transformed his hometown, or the way it's eating away like a cancer at his beloved stomping grounds. He's got a sharp disdain for the greed, corruption and crime that seem to have enveloped his hometown, and no sympathy for the real estate carpetbaggers and dot com millionaires pushing out long-time residents.

It adds a nice touch of class-conscious angst to this already dark, noirish series, which has drawn comparisons to all the usual suspects, including Chandler and Hammett. And James Joyce.

James Joyce?

Excuse me while I kick myself...


  • "To all those mystery readers who believe that the classic detective story has played itself out, Stansberry delivers a bracing slap upside the head. And it feels so good."
    -- Bill Ott from
    Booklist on The Big Boom

  • "A gripping noir mystery ….oozing the kind of palpable North Beach atmosphere that fans have come to expect, but what makes Stansberry stand out from the crowd is the genuine noir sensibility, …. This fine novel… captures the core of Stansberry’s view perfectly, its eloquence suggesting Joyce [in] his celebrated story, “The Dead.”
    Booklist, on The Ancient Rain


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith

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