Harry D'Amour
Created by Clive Barker

HARRY D'AMOUR is a Clive Barker creation, a New York P.I. who appears frequently in Barker's novels and short stories. nothing earth-shattering, and definitely in the tradition of the standard film noir private gumshoe, but with a grim supernatural overtone!

From Mr. Barker himself (from liner notes on a laser disc, 1996):

"I've traveled a long way with Harry D'Amour. He first appeared in a story I wrote almost a decade ago now, 'The Last Illusion'. Since then, I've recounted his life and troubled times in two novels and some short fiction. I've not made the road very easy for him. His destiny, it seems, is to be in constant struggle with what might be loosely called 'the forces of darkness', though he claims he'd be quite content investigating insurance fraud. His reluctance is, trust, part of his charm. He's not a Van Helsing, defiantly facing off against some implacable evil with faith and holy water. His antecedents are the troubled, weary and often lovelorn heroes of film noir - private detectives with an eye for a beautiful widow and an aversion to razors."

D'Amour is probably best known for the movie version of one of Barker's short stories, "Lord of Illusions". Not too bad of a movie, although most people (myself included) thought Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Enterprise) was miscast in the lead.

Mr. Barker is currently writing a new collection of short stories, in the vein of The Books of Blood. No completion date or release date as of yet. The collection will include at least one story with Harry D'Amour and Pinhead. The tentative title of this collectionis Scarlet Gospels.

As well, according to Fangoria, Barker's Seraphim Films is developing a Lord of Illusions cable series, which will continue the adventures of Harry. "We just handed in the pilot script to Showtime and MGM," co-producer Joe Daley revealed. "The script is by Rick Ramage, who wrote Stigmata. Clive and I are very excited about it."






Respectfully submitted by Walt Hicks, creator of supernatural P.I. Web Haggard.

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