Marty Crow

Created by Robert Lopresti

According to his cop buddy Sergeant Stanislaw, MARTY CROW is "the fourth best private eye" in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Marty, however, he thinks maybe he's third best, since one of his rivals went back to parking cars for a living.

Poor Marty. Part of what keeps Marty from the top of the pile is the little problem he has with gambling. Worse, he doesn't think he HAS a problem.

Rob Lopresti is a librarian at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington. He is also a singer/songwriter, but still finds the time for writing short mystery fiction for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and other places. In 1994 he was nominated for an Anthony Award for "Crow's Feat."He also writes about elderly private eye Uncle Victor, who has some serious mob connections.


  • "Crow's Game" (Summer 1989, P.I. Magazine)
  • "Crow in a Storm" (Winter 1990, P.I. Magazine)
  • "Big Heart Harry's Case" (Summer 1990, P.I. Magazine)
  • "Crow's Feat" (1993, Constable New Crimes 2)
  • "The Federal Case" (May 1991, AHMM
  • "Four of a Kind" (May 1994, AHMM)
  • "Crow's Avenue" (2003, Hardbroiled)


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