Peter Crossman
Created by Jim Macdonald

So much for Chandler...

In PETER CROSSMAN's world, the private eye biz actually IS "a game for knights" -- he's an honest-to-goodness modern-day knight , a hard-boiled trouble shooter and Inner Temple soldier in the Knights Templar, an order of paramilitary priests that has existed covertly since its alleged dismantling in the 14th century.

So far he's saved the Holy Grail (in "Stealing God"), recovered King Arthur's lesser-known sword (in "Selling the Devil") and thwarted the Spear of Antioch (in "Sleeping Kings"), and he's appeared in a full length novel, The Apocalypse Door, where he prevents the end of the world as we know it.

Helping out in his various adventures (when they're not getting in his way) are Simon, his apprentice and Sister Mary "Maggie" Magdalene ("the nun with the gun"), a professional assassin and a member of the Special Action Executive of the Order of Poor Claires.

Peter's creator, Jim Macdonald, and his wife Debra Doyle live with various children, cats, and computers in Colebrook, New Hampshire, where they drink Moxie and collaborate in writing science fiction and fantasy for children, teenagers, and adults. He's also the creator of Orville Nesbit, a more refined fellow, who's a little closer to a mainstream private detective. Well, except that he might be a werewolf.





Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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