Straight From the Author's Mouth

Conner Samson
Created by Victor Gischler

Take Travis McGee, and add a generous pinch of Mike Hammer and give him Thomas Magnum's wardrobe and you have the beach-combing CONNER SAMSON. He makes his home in Pensacola, Florida, taking cases of murder and greed along the "Redneck Riviera." This detective shuns firearms, not because of any aversion to violence, but simply because he's not a very good shot, more likely to pop a chunk of lead into his own foot than hit the target. But once in a while when the situation calls for it, he takes a dusty old relic of a revolver from the back of his closet and gets down to business.

Samson drives a Plymouth Fury in reasonable shape and smokes cheap cigars. He'd prefer good cigars, but this shamus is continually down on his luck. The first Samson novel, currently "in progress," promises to be at least as genius-like as the average episode of Nash Bridges. It opens with the lines "I was bouncing a check for a dollar draft in Salty's Saloon when I decided it was maybe time to get serious about looking for work." Indeed, detective work is sometimes hard to come by, and he spends a lot of time repossessing cars and chasing skips.

The Conner Samson stories are old-school hardboiled, and Samson's world is filled with colorful hoods, slick operators, leggy blondes (and saucy brunettes) and the constant dark urge of humanity to get ahead at the expense of those close enough to get burned. In the middle of it all is underpaid, closet-romantic Conner Samson trying to save the day and earn a buck at the same time.

But that was then, and this is now. Although heConner Samson started off as a straight private eye character in his short stories, through the magic of editorial input, Conner is now a washed-up college baseball player turned repo-man in Suicide Squeeze, his debut novel. However, rest easy: Conner still makes many of the same moves a P.I. would make as he hunts for a missing sailboat along the Redneck Riviera A little more hapless as a novel character, he's a bit less tough than Mike Hammer but still dresses like Magnum P.I.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Victor also writes about dark fantasy/horror private eye Dean Murphy and hard-boiled hitman Charlie the Hook.



Respectfully submitted by Victor Gischler. Thanks, Crimeboy!

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