They Wrote What? Famous Dabblers in the Form

Ray Chambers
Created by Michael Crichton (1942- )

Michael Crichton is best known for creating the blockbuster book and film franchise Jurassic Park and the equally blockbusting TV show ER. Interesting, then, to find him dabbling as a PI short-story writer -- and doing reasonably well at it, too. RAY CHAMBERS is an aging, second-rate independent insurance claims investigator in present-day LA who has all the classic PI hang-ups; he's a cynical borderline-alcoholic who's lonely, bitter and nearly broke. He also has some serious mother issues.

Ray's lone recorded appearance is in 2002's "Blood Doesn't Come Out", and though it's not really a detective yarn, it's a fair decent approximation of a classic pulp/noir short story. Anytime you wanna come back and revisit the genre, Mike, you're more than welcome.


Respectfully submitted by Rudyard Kennedy.

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