Mike Bryant and Dr. Jonathan Maxwell
Created by Dean Hargrove

In Murder 101, a new series of movies from the Hallmark channel, Barry Van Dyke plays MIKE BRYANT, a former cop turned private eye who solves mysteries with the help of Dr. Jonathan Maxwell, a bumbling, absent-minded criminologist professor, played by Dick Van Dyke.

In the first of what is a proposed series, Jonathan and Mike team up to help out an undercover reporter who stands accused of murder.

Mike is a Rockfordesque private eye, a Viet Nam veteran who would rather surf than work, but still manages to drive a fast car, in this case a Porsche.  Unfortunately, Barry Van Dyke is just too square jawed and lacks the twinkle in the eye and ironic personality needed to really carry it off.

The show, with the obvious Van Dyke stamp on it, can't help but be reminiscent of the long running Diagnosis: Murder series of just a few years ago. If you liked that one, or shows like Murder, She Wrote and Matlock, this may be your cup of tea.


Respectfully submitted by Glen Davis and Kevin Burton Smith.

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