Phil Broker
Created by Chuck Logan

PHIL BROKER has been many things in his life -- an undercover cop, a soldier, a husband, a father -- but mostly he's got this vicious knight-errant streak that keeps getting him into trouble, in this popular and well-written series by Chuck Logan, which is heavy on the two-fisted blood-and-guts he-man stuff..

Over the run of this series, Phil has toughed it out with the Chicago mob, terrorists, the Federal Witness Protection Program, vigilante killers and a ruptured colon. Hell, even the weather seems to pick on him.

No wonder he's estranged from current wife, U.S. Army Maj. Nina Pryce, a undercover government operative, and that he prefers the seclusion of a cabin on Lake superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsuala, where he lives, occasionally with his precocious young daughter Karson (AKA "Kit"), and working as a wilderness guide.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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