Jack Brady
Created by Robert W. Tinsley

"I sat in the oldest cemetery in El Paso, dressed in my Sneaky-Suit, black sneakers, socks, pants, gloves, sweater, and watch cap with every exposed square inch of skin covered in black make up. I was ready for a minstrel show or a commando raid, whichever came along first."
-- from "Graveyard Shift"

JACK BRADY, a private eye who hails from El Paso, Texas, is pretty hard to miss -- he's six-four, two-eighty and he's got a pretty large a tattoo of a Navy SEAL Budwiser on his left forearm. And he not only looks like he's been around -- he has.

The author claims he "misspent his youth" in the Navy and did three tours in Viet Nam as a SEAL, and following the Navy, he did an eight-year stint in the Border Patrol, doing mostly undercover work.

Finally tired of the lack of support from the powers that be, he chucked it all and went private. His secretary, -- excuse me, executive assistant -- Kathleen is also ex-Navy, and wants to become a P.I. too, much to Jack's dismay.

Solid hard-boiled fare, leavened by Jack's sardonic sense of humour. Worth checking out.

When he's not writing crime fiction, Robert W. Tinsley is a licensed engineer in private practice, who's written numerous magazine articles on subjects ranging from blood transfusions to NASA's nuclear propulsion program. He is also a member of the editorial advisory board for Heating, Piping, and Air Conditioning magazine.


  • "Killer" (Winter 1989, PI Magazine)
  • "Smuggler's Blues" (Spring 1989, PI Magazine)
  • "Graveyard Shift" (April 2002, HandHeld Crime)
  • "No Good-Bye" (June 2002, HandHeldCrime)
  • "Beating On The Border" (Summer 2003, Thrilling Detective Web Site)
  • "Hijack on the Border" (Oct/Dec 2003, SDO Detective)
  • "Horse of the Same Color" (Fall 2003, Hardluck Stories)
  • "Grasshopper" (Winter 2003, Hardluck Stories)
  • "Double Death" (February 2004, Shred of Evidence)
  • "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss" (scheduled for April/May/June 2005, Futures)
  • "Questioning the Dead" (forthcoming, Cyber-Pulp)
  • "For Felina..." (Winter 2004, Thrilling Detective Web Site)
  • "Out of the Shadows" (June 2005, Mysterical-E)


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks, Bob, for the heads-up.

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