Jack Bodine
Created by Thomas Bunn

Hmmmm.... Wonder if he's any relation to Jethro?

Lansing, Michigan gumshoe JACK BODINE puts his P.I. ticket on the line frequently, because he tends to take his cases very personally.

In Worse Than Death (1989), for example, he becomes emotionally attached when he takes on a case involving a young, childless couple who have plunked down $20,000 for a Vietnamese baby girl, only to have the baby broker snatch the child in an attempt to squeeze another $10,000 out of the would-be parents. Tagging along and complicating matters is Jack's own eight-year old son.

And in 1990's Closing Costs, he looks into the swindling of his partner, Ed Quinn, who's dying of cancer.

These books, particularly the first two, were well-received (Publishers' Weekly called Closet Bones "impressive debut in Closet Bone"). Whatever happened to this guy?



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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