Slim Jim Bannerman

Created by Jay Flynn (1927 ­ 1986)

SLIM JIM BANNERMAN is a Denver-based operative for the Gallows Detective Agency in San Francisco, supposedly founded by a former Pinkerton agent named Vernon Gallowes back in 1916. The two novels in this series are set during the waning years of the Wild West and do a pretty good job of avoiding Western clichés (although a few slip through). The tag line was the suitably ominous: "His real name is a secret revealed only to men he is about to kill."

Flynn also penned a 1959 novel about a likeable PI named Burl Stannard, and novelized television's Surfside 6 in the 60's.


  • Bannerman (1976)
  • Border Incident (1976)


Cowboy Eyes

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