Against All Odds
Committed by Taylor Hackford and Columbia Pictures

You've heard of film noir? This is film nah.

I can't list the P.I who has the lead role in this sloppy seconds remake of the film noir classic Out of the Past, because, hey, they got rid of him. And that's the least of their sins.

Instead of the haunted, ill-fated, doomed-looking ex-P.I. played by Robert Mitchum as Jeff Bailey, we get the usually dependable Jeff Bridges as Terry Brogan, a down-on-his-luck ex-football player, hired to track down slimy James Woods' (originally played by Kirk Douglas), ex-girlfriend Rachel Ward (originally played by Jane Greer). It's a shame, because Bridges, Woods and Ward are all very talented actors.

But then, Taylor Hackford isn't Jacques Tourneur. This pretty-to-look-at, hard-to-watch mess adds more than half-an-hour to the running time, and it still can't figure out where the hell it's going, though we do see a lot of lovely Mexican scenery (can you smell tax-write-off?).

Sad, sad, sad. And inexplicably, it's apparently starting to gain a cult following.

Want another reason to cry? I mean, beyond Phil Collins warbling the smarmy title song? This thing is available on DVD. As far as I know, the far superior Out of the Past isn't.

There is one bone thrown to us, however: Jane Greer shows up in a bit part as the quietly wicked mother of Ms. Ward.


Report grudgingly submitted by Kevin Burton Smith

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