Jack Eddy
Created by Dick Stodghill

Who says they don't write 'em like they used to?

Certainly not Dick Stodghill, whose JACK EDDY series of short stories is both a homage to the good old-fashioned private eye action of yore and a clear-eyed glimpse into the social and cultural reality of that past.

Twenty-something, with a receding hairline and a fistful of ambition, Jack is an operative for the Akron, Ohio branch of the Wellington National Detective Agency, circa 1937. He's slick, brash, and prone to cutting corners, much to the dismay of the younger -- and at times surprisingly naive -- crime beat reporter Bram Geary, the frequently bambozzled narrator of this series of entertaining and colourful short stories, all published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.

Both Jack and Bram live at Mrs. Bauer's boardinghouse. Poor ol' Bram usually ends up far more involved in Jack's cases than he would like. The "aw shucks" narration style, and the very real violence of the times give these tales a rather unique flavor, as though John Boy was writing true crime for Black Mask. Now there's a concept for you.






Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks, Dick, for helping me keep your stories straight.

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