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What's new in the P.I. world...


No, not all of these are P.I. novels, even by my loosey-goosey standards.
But I think most of these will appeal to followers of this site.

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November 2018 E-books

October 2018 E-books

September 2018 E-books

August 2018 E-books

July 2018 E-books

  • Willeford, Charles, Understudy for Death (long-lost noir) (r)...Kindle it!

June 2018 E-books

May 2018 E-books

August 2018 E-books

June 2018 E-books

April 2018 E-books

  • Brewer, Gil, Flight to Darkness/77 rue Paradis (non P.I.)...Kindle it!
    Two classic noirs by a past master.
  • Kelter, Lawrence, editor, The Black Car Business, Volume One (anthology)
    The ominous, infamous trope gets its own abnthology, with contributions by Eric Beetner, J. Carson Black, Cheryl Bradshaw, Diane Capri, Lawrence Kelter, Dana King, Simon Wood,, Vincent Zandri and others.
  • Kerr, Philip, Greeks Bearing Gifts (Bernie Gunther)...Kindle it!
  • Knowles, Mike, Tin Men (non-P.I.)...Kindle it!
  • Moore, Christopher, Noir (Moore does noir)...Kindle it!
  • Spillane, Mickey, & Max Allan Collins, Killing Town (Mike Hammer)...Kindle it!
  • Woods, Stuart, Shoot First (Stone Barrington)..Kindle it!

March 2018 E-books

February 2018 E-books

January 2018 E-books

December 2017 E-books

  • Crais, Robert, The Wanted (Elvis Cole)...Kindle it!
  • Duncan, Glenn W., Three-in-a-Box (Rafferty) (r)...Kindle it!
    Collects the first three novels.
  • Robinson, Peter, Not Safe After Dark, and Other Stories (non-P.I., collection) ...Kindle it!
  • Simenon, Georges, Maigret's Mistake (Maigret) (r)...Kindle it!

November 2017 E-books

October 2017 E-books

September 2017 E-books

August 2017 E-books

July 2017 E-books

June 2017 E-books

May 2017 E-books

April 2017 E-books

March 2017 E-books

February 2017 E-books

January 2017 E-books

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(nv) = novella
(r) = reprint.
(ss) = short story.

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