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December 2015 E-books

November 2015 E-books

October 2015 E-books

September 2015 E-books

  • Child, Lee, Make Me (Jack Reacher)...Kindle it!
  • Coleman, Reed, Farrell, The Devil Wins (Jesse Stone)...Kindle it!
  • Corris, Peter, Gun Control (Cliff Hardy).., Kindle it!
  • Lagenctrantz, David, The Girl in the Spider's Web (Lisbeth Salander & Mikael Blomkvis)...Kindle it!
    Steig Larsson did leave a fourth book in the series behind, but this ain't it.
  • Weinman, Sarah, editor, Women Crime Writers of the 1940s (Library of America)... Kindle it!
    This long-overdue two-volume series rounds up eight major novels by eight major crime writers who have unjustly fallen between the cracks since their heyday: Vera Caspary, Helen Eustis, Dorothy B. Hughes, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding, Charlotte Armstrong, Patricia Highsmith, Margaret Millar and Dolores Hitchens. If you're serious about quality crime fiction, you have to have thiese books!
  • Also available
  • Weinman, Sarah, editor, Women Crime Writers of the 1950s (Library of America)... Kindle it!

August 2015 E-books

July 2015 E-books

June 2015 E-books

May 2015 E-books

April 2015 E-books

March 2015 E-books

February 2015 E-books

January 2015 E-books

December 2014 E-books

November 2014 E-books

  • Boyd, Daniel, Easy Death (non-P.I. heist novel).. Kindle it!
  • The Job...Kindle it!
  • Finch, Charles, The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox)...Kindle it!
  • Hall, Parnell, Safari (Stanley Hastings)...Buy this book...Buy the audio...Kindle it!
  • Hallinan, Timothy, For the Dead (Poke Rafferty)...Kindle it!
  • Hinton, Lynne, Sister Eve, Private Eye (1: Sister Eve). Kindle it!
  • King, Laurie, & Leslie S. Klinger, In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)...Kindle it!
    The infamous anthology that broke the back of the Doyle estate's attempts to keep Holmes & Watson out of the public domain is worth tracking down for more than just its historical significance -- it's also full of great stories inspired by the Great One himself, including a Harry Bosch story by Michael Connelly, plus yarns by Sara Paretsky, Jeffrey Deaver, Harlan Ellison, john Lescroart, Denise Hamilton and others.
  • Lawton, John, Sweet Sunday (1:Turner Raines) (r)...Kindle it!
  • Patterson, James, & Ashwin Sanghi, Private India: City on Fire (1: Santosh Wagh)...Kindle it!
  • Phillips, Gary, et al, Gary Phillips' Hollis P.I. (Nate Hollis) .. Buy this book .. Kindle it!
    Phillips' kick-ass black eye from the classic 2004 Vertigo Comics mini-series returns at long last, in six hardboiled prose stories by Phillips, Juliet Blackwell, Bobby Nash, Aaron Philip Clark, and Derrick Ferguson. (Novrember 2014).
  • Rickstad, Eric, The Silent Girls (1: Frank Rath)...Kindle it!
  • Robinson, Thatcher, Black Karma (Bai Jiang). Kindle it!
  • Shames, Laurence, Tropical Swap (non-P.I., Bert the Shirt, etc.)...Kindle it!
  • Simenon, Georges, The Grand Banks Café (non-P.I.; Inspector Maigret) (r).. Kindle it!
  • Willis, Lynn Chandler, Wink of an Eye (1: Gypsy Moran)... Kindle it!

October 2014 E-books

September 2014 E-books

August 2014 E-books

July 2014 E-books

June 2014 E-books

  • Abbott, Megan, The Fever (non-P.I.; noir).. Kindle it!
  • Baldacci, David, editor, FaceOff (anthology).. Kindle it!
    This star-spangled collection might be the first time anyone's attempted rounding up a whole book of short stories pairing various popular series characters by various popular thriller writers. I haven't even read it yet, but a few of the stories definitely sound like stories P.I. fans should be investigating: Harry Bosch and Patrick Kenzie? Heather Graham's Michael Quinn and Repairman Jack? Nick Heller and Jack Reacher? Sign me up...
  • Clifford, Joe, editor, Trouble in the Heartland (anthology)
    A collection of crime stories inspired by Bruce Springsteen songs. Contributors include Dennis Lehane, John McFetridge, Chuck Wendig, Hilary Davison and more. Spit in the face of those badlands.
  • Conrad, Hy, Mr. Monk Is Open for Business (Adrian Monk). Kindle it!
  • Copper, Basil, Night Frost (Mike Faraday) (r).. Kindle it!
  • Disher, Garry, Hell to Pay (non-P.I.). Kindle it!
  • Dugain, Marc, Avenue of the Giants (true crime). Kindle it!
  • Evanovich, Janet, Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum). Kindle it!
  • Flynn, Rory, Third Rail (1: Eddie Harkness; non P.I.). Kindle it!
  • Galbraith, Robert, The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike).. Kindle it!
  • Gaylin, Alison, Stay with Me (Brenna Spector)...Kindle it!
  • Housewright, David, The Devil May Care ("Mac" McKenzie)...Kindle it!
  • Keskinen, Karen, Black Current (Jaymie Zarlin)..Kindle it!
  • King, Stephen, Mr. Mercedes (non-P.I. straight-up crime). Kindle it!
  • McIlvanney, William, Laidlaw (1: Laidlaw; non-P.I.) (r). Kindle it!
  • Sakey, Marcus, A Better World (non-P.I.; the Brilliants). Kindle it!
  • Thoft, Ingrid, Identity (Fina Ludlow).. Kindle it!
  • Troy, Mark, The Splintered Paddle (Ava Rome) . Kindle it!
  • Vandersteen, Jochem, editor, The Shamus Sampler II (anthology) . Kindle it!
    A new digital sampler full of P.I. stuff from around the world, by the likes of Mark Troy, Nick Quantrill, Will Viharo, Nick Andreychuk, Graham Smith, Philip Thompson, Dana King and Jochem Vandersteen, with an intro from Timothy Hallinan.
  • Wright, Erica, The Red Chameleon (1: Kathleen Stone).. Kindle it!

May 2014 E-books

April 2014 E-books

March 2014 E-books

February 2014 E-books

January 2014 E-books

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