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No, not all of these are P.I. novels, even by my loosey-goosey standards.
But I think most of these will appeal to followers of this site.

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November 2017 E-books

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July 2017 E-books

June 2017 E-books

  • Child, Lee, editior, MatchUp (anthology) ...Kindle it!
    Short story collection pairing top male and female crimewriters and some of their most famous characters. Contributors include Sandra Brown, C.J. Box, Kathy Reichs, Charlaine Harris, David Morrell, Michael Koryta, Val McDermid, Gayle Lynds, John Sanford, Lee Child and more.
  • Crais, Robert, The Wanted (Elvis Cole).. Buy this book.. Kindle it!
  • Eisler, Barry, Zero Sum (John Rain) ...Kindle it!
  • Horowitz, Anthony, The Magpie Murders (non-P.I.)...Kindle it!
  • Lepionka, Kristen, The Last Place You Look (1: Roxane Weary) ...Kindle it!
  • Pronzini, Bill, Endgame (Nameless).. Kindle it!
  • Young, Sherban, Double Talk (Warren Kingsley).. Kindle it!

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(nv) = novella
(r) = reprint.
(ss) = short story.

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