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June 2017 E-books

May 2017 E-books

March 2017 E-books

February 2017 E-books

January 2017 E-books

  • Perry, Thomas, The Old Man (non-P.I.) ...Kindle it!

December 2016 E-books

November 2016 E-books

  • Block, Lawrence, Sinner Man (non-P.I.; Block's first crime novel!) (r). Kindle it!
  • Brennan, Alison, The Lost Girls (Lucy Kincaid). Kindle it!
  • Child, Lee, Night School (Jack Reacher). Kindle it!
  • Connelly, Michael, The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Harry Bosch). Kindle it!
  • Levine, Allan, The Bootlegger's Confession (Sam Klein) ., Kindle it!
  • Millar, Margeret, Collected Millar: Legendary Novels of Suspense (anthology). .Kindle it!
    Second of seven volumes, collecting all of Millar's novels. Includes A Stranger in My Grave, How Like an Angel (featuring private eye Joe Quinn), Beyond This Point are Monsters and The Fiend.
  • Tantimedh, Adi, Her Nightly Embrace (1: Ravi Chandra Singh). Kindle it!

October 2016 E-books

September 2016 E-books

  • Cassaret, David, Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness (1: Ladarat Patalung). Kindle it!
  • Coben, Harlan, Home (Myron Bolitar). Kindle it!
  • Coleman, Reed Farrell, Debt to Pay (Jesse Stone). Kindle it!
  • Collins, Max Allan, & Mickey Spillane, A Long Time Dead (Mike Hammer short stories). .Kindle it!
  • Donwood, Stanley, Catacombs of Terror! (1: Martin Valpolicella) (r) ..Kindle it!
  • Hiaasen, Carl, Razor Girl (the return of Yancy!). Kindle it!
  • Krueger, William Kent, Manitou Canyon (Cork O'Connor)\. Kindle it!
  • LeCarré, John, The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life (memoir)...Kindle it!
  • McEwan, Ian, Nutshell (non-P.I.; Hamlet as fetus!)..Kindle it!
  • Millar, Margeret, Collected Millar: The Master at Her Zenith (anthology). .Kindle it!
    First of an ambitoius series, collecting all of Millar's novels. Includes Vanish in an Instant, Wives and Lovers, Beast in View, An Air That Kills and The Listening Walls. Introduction by Tom Nolan, biographer of Millar's husband, Ross Macdonald.
  • Mullen, Thomas, Darktown (non-P.I.; Atlant's 1st black cops, post-WWII). Kindle it!
  • Neville, Stuart, So Say the Fallen (non-P.I.; Serena Flanagan). Kindle it!
  • Penny, Louise, A Great Reckoning (non-P.I., Chief Inspector Gamache). Kindle it!
  • Weaver, Tim, The Dead Tracks (David Raker) (r).. .Kindle it!

August 2016 E-books

July 2016 E-books

June 2016 E-books

May 2016 E-books

April 2016 E-books

March 2016 E-books

February 2016 E-books

January 2016 E-books

December 2015 E-books

November 2015 E-books

October 2015 E-books

September 2015 E-books

  • Block, Lawrence, The Girl With the Deep Blue Eyes (1: Doak Miller)..Kindle it!
  • Child, Lee, Make Me (Jack Reacher)...Kindle it!
  • Coleman, Reed, Farrell, The Devil Wins (Jesse Stone)...Kindle it!
  • Corris, Peter, Gun Control (Cliff Hardy).., Kindle it!
  • Evanovich, Janet, & Lee Goldberg, The Scam (non-P.I.; Fox & O'Hare)...Kindle it!
  • Evans, Chad A., Vincent Calvino's World: A Noir Guide to Southeast Asia (appreciation) ..Kindle it!
    A long overdue appreciation of Christopher G. Moore's Shamus-winning P.I. series featuring our man in Thailand, Vincent Calvino, an ex-pat New York City cop turned Bangkok private peeper. Go Global!
  • Harkup, Kathryn, A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie (reference)..Kindle it!
  • Lagenctrantz, David, The Girl in the Spider's Web (Lisbeth Salander & Mikael Blomkvis)...Kindle it!
    Steig Larsson did leave a fourth book in the series behind, but this ain't it.
  • McFetridge, John, A Little More Free (Eddie Dougherty; non-P.I.)...Kindle it!
  • Mofina, Rick, Every Second (Kate Page) ..Kindle it!
  • Mort, Terry, The Monet Murders (1: Riley Fitzhugh)...Kindle it!
  • Pawlish, Renee, Night of the Hunted (Reed Ferguson).. Kindle it!
  • Simenon, Georges, Liberty Bar (non-P.I.; Inspector Maigret) (r). Kindle it!
  • Stewart, Amy, Girl Waits With Gun (non-P.I.)...Kindle it!
  • Ward, Nathan, The Lost Detective: Becoming Dashiell Hammett (biography)..Kindle it!
  • Weinman, Sarah, editor, Women Crime Writers of the 1940s (reference)... Kindle it!
    This long-overdue two-volume series rounds up eight major novels by eight major crime writers who have unjustly fallen between the cracks since their heyday: Vera Caspary, Helen Eustis, Dorothy B. Hughes, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding, Charlotte Armstrong, Patricia Highsmith, Margaret Millar and Dolores Hitchens. If you're serious about quality crime fiction, you have to have thiese books!
  • Also available
  • Weinman, Sarah, editor, Women Crime Writers of the 1950s (Library of America)... Kindle it!

August 2015 E-books

July 2015 E-books

June 2015 E-books

May 2015 E-books

April 2015 E-books

March 2015 E-books

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(ss) = short story.

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