Brady Coyne
Created by William Tapply

BRADY COYNE is a Boston lawyer, but the books have nothing to do with legal hijinks. He gets involved in a lot of shit, sometimes as a corollary to his legal practice, but more often as a favor to a friend or out of simple curiosity/outraged sense of honor, as in Cutter's Run (1998), arguably the best and certainly the toughest of the series. His favorite fishing buddy is the Rick Boyer's hard-boiled dentist Doc Adams, who has yet to appear in a Coyne novel, but is mentioned in every book in the series.

Both characters qualify as private eyes by your definition and certainly by mine "one involved in an investigation for a private party or for private reasons." Like early Perry Mason, Brady seems to favor a hands-on approach to criminal justice.


  • "I was in contact with William Tapply recently, and asked him if Brady Coyne (his character) and Doc Adams (Rick Boyer's character) were ever going to get together in a which he said he didn't know...distance, both so busy etc. But he did say that around spring of 2002, a book entitled First Flight will be coming out that will feature Brady Coyne and Philip R. Craig's JW Jackson. Thought you would like to know."
    -- Mike Morris


Respectfully submitted by Paul Bergin. And thanks, Mike, for the tip.

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