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This Issue's Cover

Okay, so when you want to do something special, like the twentieth anniversary of a web site, you go to the Big Guns. In this case, it's Mark Krajnak, lengendary Kamikaze Jersey Style shutterbug who can noir you till the cows come home. The photo I chose is called "Bitter Little Words," taken back in 2013, I believe.

I just love the whole tough guy vibe this photo has, and how it ties in to the whole idea of this site's ongoing celebration of those "tough guys and gals who make trouble their business, not their hobby." But mostly I just like the vibe. I can just picture this hard-boiled son of a bitch just plopping down, smokes and a drink at hand, and pounding out a hard-boiled masterpiece. Typing out "The End," then standing up, putting on his coat, and going out and shooting someone. Who totally deserves it, of course.

But all of Mark's noir work is like that. There's a sense of dread and sadness and blown chances; a feeling of violence just passed or about to happen, to people who never saw it coming. They're like like postcards from Losertown, delivered too late, with postage due. A last chance power drive in a stolen car.

Mark's great cover isn't all we've got for you. I'm using another of his shots, "The Long Goodbye," for a running header marking our twentieth. Head on over here to A Long Time Running to see what else we've got for you to mark our twentieth.

I hope it was well worth the wait.

Got pulp?

Our good buddy, J. Kingston Pierce, he of January Magazine and Rap Sheet fame, reveals himself to be a crime cover geek of the first degree in Killer Covers, this don't-miss blog. He offers a cover-of-the-week feature, discusses both legendary and hot new artists and illustrators and keeps an eye on the good, the bad and the ugly.

And then, if that isn't enough, do check out Illustration Magazine. Talk about eye candy. This allegedly scholarly magazine devoted to the history of American illustration art is just too delicious to leave to the eggheads. It's published quarterly in full color and each issue features some of the highest quality printing, photography and color reproductions of original art you'll see anywhere. Highly recommended for any gazebo out there with a jones for pop culture and commercial art, but readers here will particularly dig the regular features that pop up on the artists and illustrators who worked on comic books, paperbacks and the pulps. Fun? YES! But collectors will love it too.

Finally, be sure to check out our very own "Dare to Judge This Book: Great Pulp and Paperback Cover Artist."

By the way, if you 've enjoyed our covers over the years, But if this is your sort of thing, have patience. We are planning to eventually have a sort of gallery of previous covers, reproducing the full-size covers. I'll save some brimstone for you. In the meantime, you can take a gander at the collage of covers we used for our tenth anniversary issue right here.

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