Artie Cohen

Created by Reggie Nadleson

ARTIE COHEN is the former Russian immigrant (his birth name is Artemy Maximovich Ostalsky) turned New York private eye hero of several fairly well-received novels, by British writer Reggie Nadleson, that boast some pretty interesting views on ex-patriates, and some pretty intriguing and wide-ranging locales, from post-Communist Russia and Hong Kong at the time of the handover to "Bloody London."

Artie's on some sort of semi-retired leave, without pay, from the NYPD, but he keeps his hand in, so to speak, even if it sometimes means "leaving the warmth of the bed he is sharing with Lily Hanes," as reveiwer Harriet Klausner puts it.

But by 2005's Disturbed Earth, Artie has rejoined the NYPD, where he searches for a missing boy, his twelve-year-old godson, in the bleak winter following 9/11. I keep hoping he'll chuck the NYPD once and for all, but so far it ain't happening.

Too bad -- he's such a loose cannon and so not-a-team-player most of the time it's hard to believe New York's finest would keep him around.

Reggie Naddleson is a New Yorker who makes her home in London. A journalist and documentary film-maker, she is also the author of the non-fiction biography Comrade Rockstar, which is currently under option to Tom Hanks.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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