Chandler & Co.
Dee Chandler Tate & Elly Chandler
Created By Paula Milne

Chandler & Co. is one of the few private eye shows to make it onto PBS' Mystery! Not exactly hardboiled, but British critics praised it as "stylish," and "intelligent," with "nice humourous touches" and "a mercifully fresh angle."

Happily-married DEE CHANDLER TATE convinces her sister-in-law, recently-divorced ELLY CHANDLER, to team up to run a private detective agency, that seems to specialize in runaway daughters and wayward spouses (although they refer to them as personal and marital cases). Joining them, as an unofficial advisor, is Larry Blakeston, who once investigated Elly's philandering husband (and Dee's brother) Max. Dee and Elly seem to be doing okay, despite some unwanted attention from Elly's ex, Max.

An interesting show, although the message that "Men are Pigs" gets to be a bit tiresome. Dee and Elly are a believable pair, and Dee in particular, as the happily married but bored housewife, is the real attraction here, lending the whole show a certain brooding gravity that saves it from being merely a fluffy rant. People do get hurt in this show, and it's not by the usual Columbian druglords or psycho serial killers. The emotional damage caused by loved ones is gruesome at times.

Creator Paula Milne is also responsible for "The Politician's Wife," a popular Masterpiece Theatre presentation, and Die Kinder, a 1990 mini-series about an expatriate American P.I. in Hamburg, Germany.


    (1996, BBC)
    4 60-minute episodes
    Created by Paula Milne
    A Skreba Production for the BBC
    Writers: Paula Milne, Jacqueline Holborough, Bill Gallagher
    Directors: Renny Rye, Robert Marchand
    Series Producer: Ann Skinner
    Executive producer for the BBC: Michael Wearing
    Starring Barbara Flynn as DEE CHANDLER TATE
    and Catherine Russell as ELLY CHANDLER
    with Peter Capaldi as Larry
    Struan Rodger as David Tate
    Ann Gosling as Joanna Tate
    Edward Holmes as Sam Tate
  • 1st series (also shown on PBS's MYSTERY! in 1996)
  • "On the Job"
  • "Past Imperfect"
  • "Family Matters"
  • "Those Who Trespass Against Us"

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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