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No, not all of these are P.I. novels, even by my loosey-goosey standards.
But I think most of these will appeal to followers of this site.

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August 2018 Collections and Anthologies

June 2018 Collections and Anthologies

April 2018 Collections and Anthologies

  • Brewer, Gil, Flight to Darkness/77 rue Paradis (non P.I.)...Buy this book...Kindle it!
    Two classic noirs by a master, courtesy of Stark House.
  • Kelter, Lawrence, editor, The Black Car Business, Volume One...Buy this book...Kindle it!
    The ominous, infamous trope gets its own abnthology, with contributions by Eric Beetner, J. Carson Black, Cheryl Bradshaw, Diane Capri, Lawrence Kelter, Dana King, Simon Wood,, Vincent Zandri and others.

March 2018 Collections and Anthologies

  • Browne, Howard, Halo for Hire (Paul Pine).. Buy this book
    At long, long last the best Chandler this side of Raymond Thornton is duly collected, signed, sealed and delivered in one brand new volume, collecting all four of Howard Browne four Paul Pine novels (Halo in Blood, Halo for Satan, Halo in Brass and the stone cold P.I. classic The Taste of Ashes), the one short story and The Paper Gun, the last, uncompleted novel. Just an essential collection, too long out of print. Significant.
  • Mahannah, Floyd, The Broken Angel/Backfire and Other Stories (collection).. Buy this book
    Hard, fast tales (and a novel) by a pulp master.
  • Spillane, Mickey, The Last Stand (non-P.I.)...Buy this book...Kindle it!
    Spillane's last novel, and an unpublished early discovered short story.

February 2018 Collections and Anthologies

  • Brewer, Richard, & Gary Phillips, eds., Culprits: The Heist Was Just the Beginning (non-P.I.; anthology)
    Buy this book ...Kindle it!
    Series of linked stories about a heist gone wrong, by Brett Battles, Gar Anthony Haywood, Zoê Sharp, Manuel Ramos, Jessica Kaye, Joe Clifford & David Corbett.
  • Mandys, Pavel, editor, Prague Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!

January 2018 Collections and Anthologies

December 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Daly, Carroll John, Shooting Out of Turn (Race Williams)....Buy this book
    More short stories and serialized novels from the mighty pulpster, featuring fast-shooting P.I. Race Williams, the original NRA pin-up boy. Plus, another great cover photo by our man Krajnak.
  • Duncan, Glenn W., Three-in-a-Box (Rafferty)...Kindle it!
    Collects the first three novels.
  • McKimmey, James, Perfect Victim/Winner Take All (non-P.I.; fifties noir)....Buy this book
  • Robinson, Peter, Not Safe After Dark, and Other Stories (non-P.I., collection)....Buy this book ...Buy the audio ...Kindle it!

November 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Hammett, Dashiell, The Big Book of the Continental Op (The Continental Op)....Buy this book
    Here it is! The long awaited COMPLETE collection of all twenty-eight stories and two serialized novels (Red Harvest and The Dain Curse), and some previously unpublished material. Also featuring an introduction byRichard Layman, who co-edited this must-buy with the aid of Julie M. Rivett, Hammett's granddaughter.
  • James, P.D. Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales (collection)....Buy this book ...Kindle it!
  • McFetridge, John, & Jacques Filippi, eds, Montreal Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!
  • Mallo, Ernesto, editor, Buenos Aires Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!

October 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • The Usual Santas: A Collection of Soho Christmas Capers (collection).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!
    A feisty little collection of stories by feisty little globespinning Soho Crime, featuring holiday tales that range from laugh-out-loud, spit out-your-turkey hilarious to heart-breaking, cry-until-New-Years misery and woe, from such stalwart contributors as Cara Black, Timothy Hallinan, Tod Goldberg, Henry Chang, James R. Benn, Sujata Massey and Peter Lovesy.
  • Brown, Carter, The Wench is Wicked/The Blonde/Delilah Was Deadly (non-P.I.; Al Wheeler) (r)...Buy this book
  • McKimmey, James, Cornered!/The Long Ride (non-P.I.; noir standalones) (r)...Buy this book

September 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Grady, James, & Keir Graf, eds., Montana Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!
  • Macdonald, Ross, The Ross Macdonald Collection: Eleven Classic Lew Archer Novels ..Buy this book
    Collects all three of the Library of America editions, housed in an attractive slipcover, and annotated by Tom Nolan.

August 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Bloom, Amy, editor, New Haven Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!
  • Jones, Tayari, editor Atlanta Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book ...Kindle it!
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, Bibliomysteries (anthology).. Buy this book
    A collection of mysteries with books as the main ingredient: as weapons, as McGuffins, as bait, possibly even as suspects. Penzler, the Grand Poobah of New York's legendary Mystery Book Store, rounds up all the usual suspects (and a few outliers), including Laura Lippman, Ken Bruen, Reed Farrel Coleman, Loren D. Estleman, & Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins, Nelson DeMille, Anne Perry, Jeffery Deaver, C. J. Box and Thomas H. Cook, and gets them to deliver the goods. Among the highlights is Lippman's ode to the joys of reading, featuring P.I. Tess Monaghan and her daughter, and a surprise short story featuring television's Columbo, courtesy of co-creator William Link.

July 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Brown, Frederic, Murder Draws a Crowd (collection)...Buy this book
    Long-delayed first volume of the Frederic Brown Mystery Library, collecting all the much-beloved writer's mystery and crime short stories and novellas.
  • Brown, Frederic, Death in the Dark (collection)...Buy this book
    Second volume of the Frederic Brown Mystery Library, spotlighting his mystery and crime short stories and novellas.
  • Macdonald, Ross, Four Later Novels (Lew Archer)...Buy this book
    Collects Black Money, The Instant Enemy, The Goodbye Look and The Underground Man.

June 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Child, Lee, editior, MatchUp (anthology)...Buy this book ...Buy the audio ...Kindle it!
    Short story collection pairing top male and female crimewriters and some of their most famous characters. Contributors include Sandra Brown, C.J. Box, Kathy Reichs, Charlaine Harris, David Morrell, Michael Koryta, Val McDermid, Gayle Lynds, John Sanford, Lee Child and more.
  • Robinson, Peter, The Price of Love (short story collection) (r)...Buy this book...Buy the audio...Kindle it!

May 2017 Collections and Anthologies

April 2017 Collections and Anthologies

March 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Lansdale, Joe R., Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade (Hap & Leonard).. Buy this book.. Kindle it!
    A sort of serialized novel; a collection of vignettes as Hap' recalls his past, growing up in East Texas. Lansdale calls it a "mosaic novel."

February 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Bruen, Ken, A Fifth of Bruen: Early Crime Fiction of Ken Bruen (collection) (r) ...Kindle it!
  • Lister, Michael, The Big Noir Library (Jimmy "Soldier" Riley) (r).. Kindle it!
    Collects all five novels about 1940s hard-boiled Florida P.I.
  • McDonald, Gregory, Snatch (non-P.I.) ...Buy this book ...Kindle it!
    Contains two classic novels by McDonald about kinappings gone awry: Snatched and Safekeeping.

January 2017 Collections and Anthologies

  • Millar, Margeret, Collected Millar: The Tom Aragon Novels (anthology)... Buy this book
    Third of an ambitoius series of seven volumes, collecting all of Millar's novels. This one collects all three novels featuring private eye Tom Aragon: Ask for Me Tomorrow, The Murder of Miranda and Mermaid.

December 2016 Collections and Anthologies

  • Black Mask Magazine: Fall 2016 (magazine)... Buy this book.. Kindle it!
    Long awaitied return of the seminal pulp , now presumably a quarterly, recycling old stories from the magazine's glory day, plus occasional new fiction from current miners of the hard-boiled vein. This first issue includes stories by Paul Bishop, Carroll John Daly, Raoul Whitfield, Richard Sale, Fredrick Nebel and Merle Constiner, plus an interview with legendary pulp illustrator Rafael De Soto.
  • Block, Lawrence, editor, In Sunshine or in Shadow (anthology)... Buy this book... Buy the audio.. Kindle it!
    One of the hinkiest themed anthologies this season has to be this collection of short stories inspired by the moody, broody paintings of American painter Edward "Nighthawks" Hopper. Contributors include Stephen King, Joe Lansdale, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Connolly, Lee Child, Megan Abbott, Craig Ferguson and Block himself, and each story is kicked off by a full-colour repro of the painting that inspired it. " There's not a bad story in the bunch," says Thomas Pluck.
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, Silent Night, Deadly Night (anthology)... Buy this book
    The Mysterious Bookshop presents "Classic Christmas Carols with a Taste of Crime," as served up by Rhys Bowen, Ken Bruen, Reed Farrel Coleman, Max Allan Collins, Thomas H. Cook, Jeffery Deaver, Harlan Ellison, Loren D. Estleman, Jane Haddam, Stuart M. Kaminsky, Andrew Klavan, Peter Lovesey, John Lutz, Katherine Hall Page, Ridley Pearson, Thomas Perry, Nancy Pickard, S.J. Rozan, Charles Todd, Joseph Wambaugh, and Donald E. Westlake, among many others.
  • Phillips, Gary, & Robert J. Randisi, editors, 44 Caliber Funk (anthology).. Buy this book....Kindle it!
    Promising "Tales of Crime, Soul & Payback," this hot, steaming mess of crime-fried funk includes P.I. joints by Dick Lochte, Bill Crider, Jerry Kennealy and Randisi himself. Other contributors include John Shepphird and Elaine Viets.
  • Simenon, Georges, My Friend Maigret (Simenon) (three novellas).. Buy this book.. Buy the audio...Kindle it!

November 2016 Collections and Anthologies

  • Daly, John Carroll, The Snarl of the Beast (Race Williams short stories) (r)... Buy this book
    Volume two of the collected works of Daly, including "The Snarl of the Beast," 'The Egyptian Lure," "The Hidden Hand," and "The Tag Murders," plus "Putting Over a Detective Novel" about Daly's writing process.

  • Millar, Margeret, Collected Millar: Legendary Novels of Suspense (anthology)... Buy this book. .Kindle it!
    Second of an ambitoius series of seven volumes, collecting all of Millar's novels. Includes A Stranger in My Grave, How Like an Angel (featuring private eye Joe Quinn), Beyond This Point are Monsters and The Fiend.

October 2016 Collections and Anthologies

  • Butler, John K., The Complete Cases of Steve Midnight (Steve Midnight short story collection).. Buy the book
    The pulps' cab-driving dick.
  • Champion, D.L., The Complete Cases of Mariano Mercado (Mariano Mercado).. Buy the book
    Mexico's City's germaphobic private eye. From the pulps.
  • Constiner, Merle, The Complete Cases of the Dean, Volume One ("The Dean")... Buy this book
    Pulpy goodness abounds in these tales of fortune teller/con artist/gumshoe Dean Wardlow Rock. From Dime Detective.
  • Davis, Frederick C., The Complete Cases of Bill Brent, Volume One (Bill Brent)... Buy this book
    This two-fisted hard-boiled newshawk from the pulps writes an advice column for the lovelorn. No, really.
  • Fusilli, Jim, editor, Crime Plus Music: Twenty Stories of Music-Themed Noir (anthology)... Buy this book. .Kindle it!
    The darkness gets turned up to eleven in this wide-ranging playlist of noir tales by the likes of Reed Farrel Coleman, David Corbett, Tyler Dilts, Brendan DuBois, Bill Fitzhugh, Alison Gaylin, Craig Johnson, Val McDermid, Gary Phillips, Peter Robinson, Zoe Sharp, and Willy Vlautin of Richmond Fontaine.
  • King, Laurie R., & Leslie S. Klinger, Echoes of Sherlock Holmes (anthology). Buy this book. .Buy the audio.. Kindle it!
    A twirling, swirling, star-studded collection of weird and wonderful stories inspired (but not always featuring) Arthur Conan Doyle's greatest creation., with everything from outright fantasy and satire to meta-fiction and even a story told in comic book form, but my favourite is Gary Phillips dive into blaxploitation, with Holmes recast as one bad, motorcyclin' mofo in bell bottoms. Can you dig it? Other contributors are just as varied, including Tasha Alexander, Cory Doctorow, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anne Perry, William Kent Krueger, David Morrell and John Connolly.
  • King, Laurie R., Mary Russell's War and Other Stories of Suspense (Mary Russell; collection). Buy this book.. Kindle it!
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, The Big Book of Jack the Ripper (anthology)) . Buy this book.. Kindle it!
    This year's big book from Penzler combines fiction and non-fiction, with short stories featuring, essays on and memorabilia from everyone's favourite serial killer. Contributors include Marie Belloc Lowndes, Robert Bloch, Ellery Queen, George Bernard Shaw, Ed Hoch, , Anne Perry, Jeffrey Deaver, Loren D. Estleman and others, as well as some of the world's foremost Ripperologists.
  • Santos-Febres, Mayra, San Juan Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book
  • Santos-Febres, Mayra, San Juan Noir (Akashic noir) (in Spanish!).. Buy this book. .Kindle it!

September 2016 Collections and Anthologies

  • Collins, Max Allan, & Mickey Spillane, A Long Time Dead (Mike Hammer)... Buy this book. .Kindle it!
    First-ever collection of Hammer short stories.
  • Millar, Margeret, Collected Millar: The Master at Her Zenith (anthology)... Buy this book. .Kindle it!
    First of an ambitoius series of seven volumes, collecting all of Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Millar's novels. Includes Vanish in an Instant, Wives and Lovers, Beast in View, An Air That Kills and The Listening Walls. Introduction by Tom Nolan, biographer of Millar's husband, Ross Macdonald.
  • Rock, Peter, The Unsettling (non-crime short story anthology)... Buy this book
    Includes "Gold Firebird," an eerie little story about a woman on a Rockford Files-inspired road trip through the desert.

August 2016 Collections & Anthologies

July 2016 Collections & Anthologies

June 2016 Collections & Anthologies

May 2016 Collections & Anthologies

  • Bellotto, Tony,editor, Rio Noir (Akashic noir).. Buy this book. .Kindle it!
  • Gorman, Ed, Shadow Games and Other Sinister Stories of Show Business (collection)

April 2016 Collections & Anthologies

  • Beetner, Eric, editor, Unloaded: Crime /Writers Writing Without Guns (anthology). .Kindle it!.
    Over two dozen authors go gun-free collection, including J.L. Abramo, Patricia Abbott, Eric Beetner, Joe Clifford, Reed Farrel Coleman, Hilary Davidson, Alison Gaylin, Kent Gowran, Joe R. Lansdale, S.W. Lauden, Tim OíMara, Joyce Carol Oates, Thomas Pluck, Keith Rawson and Kelli Stanley. All proceeds go to the non-profit States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

  • Davis, Norbert, Doan & Carstairs: Their Complete Cases (Doan & Carstairs). Buy this book
    Collects all three novels and the teo short stories, plus a new intro by Evan Lewis. Part of the Argosy Library. Absolutely must reading.
  • Estleman, Loren D., Desperate Detroit & Stories of Other Dire Places. Buy this book. Kindle it!
    Eighteen crime stories of hitmen, gangsters, booksellers and other disturbed individuals, pushed to the edge.
  • MacDonald, Ross, Three Novels of the Early 1960s (Lew Archer) (r)..Buy this book
    The Library of America continues to do Macdonald right, with this collection of three novels from the early sixties: The Zebra-Striped Hearse, The Chill and The Far Side of the Dollar. Annotated by perennial Macdonald Man Tom Nolan.

March 2016 Collections and Anthologies

February 2016 Collections and Anthologies

January 2016 Collections and Anthologies

  • Dixon, H. Vernor, Cry Blood/Killer in Silk (non-P.I.; classic pulp) (r). Buy this book

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